Pasting in Vim

For years now I've been using nano with the no word wrap flag to paste stuff into *nix terminals. This kind of sucks because Vim is my favorite editor, however when you try to paste it indents everything for you and ends up with a bloody mess. Well I found that you can:

:set paste

paste what you want and then

:set nopaste when you're done. Wooohoo!


Update on my eeePC

So a few weeks ago I was working on my eeePC and got some kernel panic warnings and disk read errors. I rebooted to run a full fsck..Sure enough my drive was completely corrupt. I reformatted after playing around with badblocks. Still no joy after that, the drive had a physical problem with it.

I started the somewhat tedious process of sending the netbook in for warranty repairs. I must say that Asus obfuscates the whole process, most likely in hopes that people will simply give up and buy a new laptop. The phone menus were terrible, only after emailing them they told me the right key sequence to push to successfully navigate to the warranty section. The key sequence would have been impossible to get to since it was not advertised by their phone menu. As a guy that occasionally programs auto attendant menus - that's terrible. Fsck that.

The process took about 2 weeks but I got back Friday.

I decided to give openbox + lxde a try, running on the newly released Debian Lenny. So far so good. I ran into an issue with getting wireless going on Lenny final, I had to compile the madwifi source since the open source driver, ath5k did not do what it advertised. I'm not a huge GNU purist so I don't really care.

I'm disappointed to have hardware problems so early in this machine's life..might be just a fluke though.